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Message Concerning Respite Services

There is an important change in the Welfare and Institutions Code, section 4686.5, which impacts respite services. Starting in January 2018, families may receive more than 90 hours per quarter of respite services.

In 2009, the California Legislature limited respite to no more than 90 hours per quarter (30 hours per month). In June 2017, the Legislature amended the law to eliminate the limit on respite services and allow the individual program planning team to determine the appropriate amount of respite services based on the needs of the individual family.

Respite is a family support service that provides parents or guardians a break from the care of their loved one with a developmental disability. Respite services are provided in the family home so the parents or caregivers can go out, run errands or just take a break. Lanterman Regional Center has respite agencies that will provide a respite worker, or a family can identify their own respite worker who can be hired by an agency.

If your family needs more respite or if your respite needs have changed, please contact your service coordinator to discuss your current situation.