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Intake and Assesment Unit

The Intake and Assessment unit coordinates the eligibility determination process for both the Early Start program that serves children from birth to 3 with, or at risk for, a developmental disability, and for the ongoing program that serves people with developmental disabilities over the age of 3.

The intake coordinators process approximately 110 new referrals each month for the Early Start program and work closely with the Center’s Early Intervention service coordination teams. The intake specialists coordinate the intake applications for about 35 monthly referrals for individuals over 3 years of age.

Contact Information

Contact Lanterman’s Intake and Assessment team by calling 213.383.1300.

To contact the regional center in your area, view this map provided by the Department of Developmental Services. Additionally, you can visit the Department of Developmental Services Web site at and access a directory of regional centers, look up a list of regional centers by counties served and lookup regional centers in Los Angeles County by zip code.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Team

The Center’s Autism Spectrum Disorder team is also part of this unit. The team has two primary roles:

  1. to increase the level of expertise among Regional Center staff about autism-related disorders and their effective treatment and
  2. to develop the capacity among individuals and organizations within the community to better serve children and adults with autism in integrated settings.