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General Information Packet

The following pieces of information comprise Lanterman Regional Center’s general information packet and are available for you to download in English and when available Spanish:

  1. Welcome Letter (English or Spanish)
  2. Koch-Young Resource Center Bookmark (English or Spanish)
  3. Lanterman Brochure (English or Spanish)
  4. Department of Developmental Services Brochure (English or Spanish)
  5. Lanterman Web site Flyer (English)
  6. Get Involved and Become a Volunteer (English )
  7. Service Coordination and Advocacy Training Flyer (English or Spanish)
  8. Support Group List (English or Spanish)
  9. 2009 AT Workshop Schedule Flyer (English or Spanish)
  10. Lanterman Training Opportunities for Families Flyer (English or Spanish)
  11. Lanterman Training Opportunities for Clients Flyer (English or Spanish)
  12. New Paths Training in Pasadena and Los Angeles Flyer (English or Spanish)
  13. Community Computer Class Information Flyer (English)
  14. Network of Care Brochure (English)
  15. National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities Flyer (English or Spanish)
  16. Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities Handout (English)
  17. Guide to Health Programs: Bilingual Resource to Help Find Free or Low-Cost Health-Related Program (English or Spanish)
  18. Los Angeles County Guide to Healthcare Booklet (English or Spanish)
  19. 211 Los Angeles County Bookmark (English or Spanish)