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Dating, Relationships and Intimacy Workshop for Young Adults with Autism

The special challenges of sex, intimacy and relationships for young adults with autism and the tools needed to deal with them will be the focus of this empowering workshop being offered by the Foothill Autism Alliance​ on Saturday, February 11, 2017 from 1 to 3 p.m. at Westmoreland Academy in Pasadena called Dating, Relationships and Intimacy Workshop for Young Adults with Autism. For more information, visit or contact

Issues covered include:

  • Learning to navigate the world of relationships and sexuality: While there are mainstream sex education classes for young people, there is not much out there tailored to young adults with autism.
  • How to protect a young adult with ASD. Disabled people are at a much higher risk of being sexually abused and exploited. Yet they are less likely to be educated about sex or screened for STIs.
  • How to help young adults with autism set appropriate personal boundaries.
  • Providing the tools to help young adults make informed, healthy decisions about their sexuality and give parents/caretakers the confidence to support their child’s emotional and sexual development.
  • Overcoming the stigmas young adults with disabilities face. Often, they are seen as asexual or hypersexual, or simply unable to have or desire intimate relationships.

The workshop will be divided into three concurrent breakout sessions for women, men and parents/caregivers.

They encourage parents/caregivers to not participate in the women's and men's sessions. If your child needs additional support, please provide them with a support person/facilitator.

Ages 16+ (to attend women's and men's sessions)
All abilities welcome

Join leading autism and sexuality researcher Dr. David Morrison as he leads a candid conversation with parents/caregivers on supporting their young adult child's emerging social and sexual development. Topics in the parent/caregiver session include:

  • Primary issues and concerns that impact emerging sexuality of young adults
  • What parents are most concerned about, a national survey
  • Myths and misconceptions about dating, sexuality and ASD
  • Issues of health and safety
  • How to address areas of concern
  • Biology and social limitations


Westmoreland Academy
6 Westmoreland Pl
Pasadena, CA 91103