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Mark Higgins

Treasurer and Immediate Past President

Mark Higgins is the president of Higgins, Marcus and Lovett, Inc., a business valuation firm based in Los Angeles. The firm conducts valuation studies of both publicly and privately held businesses for a variety of purposes, including merger and acquisition, eminent domain, federal estate and gift taxes, income taxes, financial reporting, employee stock ownership plans, and litigation support.

Higgins has worked extensively with business owners and financial, legal and accounting professionals, advising them on matters related to business valuation and treasury management. He has advised a wide range of businesses, from the Fortune 500 to the middle market. He has been qualified in various superior courts and in U.S. Tax Court as an expert witness in valuation matters.

Higgins says, “I have two children receiving services from Lanterman and part of what I hope to offer the board is the combination of a parent's perspective with my background in business and experience serving on other boards.”