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Adult Information Packet

The following pieces of information comprise Lanterman Regional Center’s adult information packet and are available for you to download in English and when available Spanish:

  1. Adult Functional Literacy Program Flyer (English)
  2. Preventive Screening and Immunization Recommendations Handout (English)
  3. Aging and Developmental Disabilities Brochure (Spanish)
  4. Guide to Healthy Living (English or Spanish)
  5. The Medi-Cal Working Disabled Program Brochure (English or Spanish)
  6. I Can Work Brochure (English or Spanish)
  7. WorkSource Brochure (English or Spanish)
  8. Benefits Planning, Assistance and Outreach Brochure (English or Spanish)
  9. Foothill Area Community Transition Services Brochure (English)
  10. PCC Disabled Student Programs and Services Brochure (English)
  11. LAUSD Disability Support Services Handout (English)
  12. People First of California Self-Determination and IPP Buddy System Booklet (English or Spanish)
  13. A Client’s Guide to the Lanterman Act (English or Spanish)