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Special Workshops


Bullying: Is it happening to your child? Did it ever happen to you? Or someone you know?

Bullying can impact an entire community and have lasting effects on a child’s health, success and relationships. Come to a free parent education session on bullying to learn what it is and what you can do about it. The session will be held on November 3, 2016.

IEP Boot Camp: Shape Up Your Special Education Know-How

Desarrolle Sus Conocimientos de Educación Especial

Presented by Rebecca Diddams, Esq., Marjan Kermani, Esq., and the Lanterman Regional Center Law Clinic, topics covered during this six-week series on special education starting October 11, 2016 will include:/Presentado por las abogadas de educación especial Rebecca Diddams y Marjan Kermani, y la Clínica Legal de Lanterman, temas cubiertos durante esta serie de seis semanas sobre educación especial comenzando el 11 de octubre de 2016 incluirán:

  • The basics of special education/Los fundamentos de educación especial
  • Legal protections for you and your child/Protecciones legales para usted y su niño/a
  • What services and placement are available through the school district/Qué servicios y colocaciones están disponibles a través del distrito escolar
  • How to read IEPs and other documents/Cómo leer los IEPs y otros documentos
  • How to have less stressful IEP meeting/Cómo tener una reunión del IEP menos estresante

Music and Movement: A Parent and Me Music Series

Lanterman presents Music and Movement, which brings together families in sharing songs, instrument play, rhythm chants and movement activities in a relaxed, playful, non-performance-oriented setting. Music is learned through developmentally appropriate activities that support and respect the unique learning styles of very young children from 2 to 4 years of age. Infants, toddlers and preschoolers participate at their own levels in family-style classes of mixed ages.

Parent Workshop Series ~ Series de Talleres para Padres

Lanterman's Koch-Young Resource Center presents a Parent Workshop Series/El Centro de Recursos Koch-Young de Lanterman presenta un Series de Talleres Para Padres. Sign up for one or all three of our workshops on hot topics for parents of children Birth to 5 years of age. The workshops will be held on Saturdays./Inscribase a uno o a los tres talleres sobre temas populares para padres de niños de 0 a 5 años de edad. Los talleres se llevarán a cabo los sabados.

Playgroups for Children Birth to 5

Quality play time with parents can lead to improvements in skills such as communication, engagement, sensory awareness, cognitive ability and creativity. Each session of the parent-child playgroups will run for six weeks and will provide caregivers with play strategies and tips for engaging children with special needs to make playtime more fun and meaningful as well as exposure to a variety of types of play and ideas for low-budget activities that can be done at home. Parents and children can practice their play skills in a supportive setting. Sessions are conducted in English and Spanish concurrently for various age ranges between birth and 5 years of age and at various days and times to accommodate the needs of the community.

Sign, Say and Play: A Baby Signs Program

Lanterman's Koch-Young Resource Center presents Sign, Say and Play: A Baby Signs Program. Gives babies a way to “talk” with their parent - before they can talk. For parents and children birth to 3 years old to attend together, families will learn useful signs for mealtime, bedtime, bathtime, getting dressed, pets and the park. In addition, parents will learn simple ways to support their baby’s intellectual development. The first session in a six-session series starts on October 18, 2016.