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Special Topics Training (Service Providers)

Legislative Advocacy Training

Do you own or operate a vendored regional center program? Are you tired of rate freezes and rate reductions? Would you like your rate to be increased 10 percent next year?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please attend a special legislative advocacy training session that will help you educate your Sacramento representatives about the value your business adds to the community and their district, and the desperate need for a 10 percent rate increase in the FY15/16 budget for providers.

Professional Crisis Intervention Training

MABPRO®  Management of Assaultive Behavior (MAB) violence prevention and de-escalation program will cover the essential and trusted methods of crisis intervention which when utilized in the stages prior to any physical intervention or assault that personnel might be faced with, will in most cases, prevent the need for any physical intervention.

Residential Service Provider Orientation (RSPO)

This three-day course is designed to assist potential residential service providers and administrators in the Lanterman Regional Center service area and to satisfy the requirements of Title 17 regulations.

Tom Pomeranz Trainings

Dr. Thomas Pomeranz is a nationally recognized authority, trainer, clinician and consultant in the field of services for people with disabilities. He is the highly acclaimed creator of Universal Enhancement, which teaches strategies promoting community participation and supporting people to have a quality life. The focus and spirit of Universal Enhancement© is found in how we need to behave in supporting others in improving the quality of their lives. For most individuals, a quality life is realized through friendships and meaningful relationships with others. Possessing things of meaning and value further enhances one’s quality of life. Hobbies, employment, spirituality and education are representative of the “things” most people cherish. The vision of Universal Enhancement© is to support people with disabilities to realize their quality of life outcomes; those outcomes to which we universally aspire. Universal Enhancement training provides participants with the specific tools-ways of behaving- needed to support others in realizing their preferred future