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Sexuality and Socialization

Lanterman Regional Center offers several options for sexuality and socialization training. Please note: All of the sexuality and socialization training require a referral from your service coordinator. Contact your service coordinator to register.


Abilities is a sexual abuse and exploitation risk-reduction program for adults with developmental disabilities.

Get Safe

The Get Safe program is a personal safety program for people with developmental disabilities.

Male Reproductive Health Self-Advocacy Program

Get Safe and Lanterman present a training program on male reproductive health and self-advocacy. The training will be held over three session on February 9 and 23 and March 9, 2015.

SHASTA: Sexual Health and Safety for Teens and Adults

The Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles “SHASTA” program is a sexuality and socialization training program specifically designed for adolescents with developmental disabilities between the ages of 13 and 19. Please note, until further notice: Sexuality Health and Safety Training for Teens and young Adults (SHASTA) has been suspended. The Parent Sexuality Education and Support training however is still available.