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Come Read “Imagination: JJ’s Favorite Toy” at KYRC Storytime on December 10

Join the Koch-Young Resource Cetner for a book signing and fun storytime, learning about JJ and his favorite toy on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the KYRC Library.

Children will receive a copy of the book as a gift.

Register online by December 8, 2014 to reserve your spot.

For questions, more information and to register, contact 213.252.5600 or


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KYRC Holiday Sing-Along at Lanterman on December 12

Lanterman's Koch-Young Resource Center presents a Holiday Sing-Along on Friday, December 12, 2014 from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Koch-Young Resource Center. Join us to sing some holiday songs and sip a hot cup of cocoa or cider

Space is limited, registration required by Wednesday, December 10, 2014.

Register online

For more information, contact the Koch-Young Resource Center at 213.252.5600 or


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Hearing Held to Determine Impact from Funding Reductions, First Steps Towards Sustainability

Hearing Held to Determine Extent of Impact from Funding Reductions on Community Services for People with Developmental Disabilities, and First Steps Towards a Sustainable Future for the System

It’s been said in the past that the regional centers are at the hub of the community service system, they connect all of the various spokes together in a central place by coordinating the services and supports that children and adults with developmental disabilities rely on to be active, productive and contributing members in their communities. The spokes, if you will, are made up of the service providers, families and other community organizations that provide the services and supports directly to regional center clients. Together they formed a well-honed wheel. For many years this system worked reasonably well despite the challenges of chronic underfunding.

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October ~ PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Month

The End of Bullying Begins with Me is the message to remember during PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Month in October. It’s a time when communities unite nationwide to raise awareness of bullying prevention through events, activities, outreach, and education. PACER created the campaign in 2006 with a one-week event which has now evolved into a month-long effort to encourage everyone to take an active role in the bullying prevention movement. PACER offers a variety of resources to use year-round, but especially during October, to inspire, educate, and inform. Check out the many events and activities, and make plans to join the movement and take action where you live.


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Why Vote? - Members of the ARCA CAC Share What Voting Means to Them, Register to Vote by Oct. 20

The California Foundation for Independent Living Centers through its Disability Organizing Network is hosting a video contest. Groups and individuals were encouraged to submit brief (30 second to 2 minute) videos encouraging individuals with disabilities to vote. The ARCA CAC members decided at their recent meeting that they wanted to participate in the contest and that given the limited allowed length of the video that they each wanted to share why voting is important to them personally. Their video features 13 members of the ARCA CAC expressing in their own words why voting matters to them. The one minute video can be seen here

The deadline to register to vote in the upcoming November elections is October 20, 2014. All necessary information about registering to vote and voting in California is available in the Elections section on the California Secretary of State's Web site.


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Community Social/Recreational/Training Opportunities

Fall is in the air, and there are many community social, recreational and training opportunities

Following are links to flyers for various trainings, activites and opportunities being offered in and around the Lanterman area. Some of these are organized/planned specifically for adults with developmental disabilities.

Click on the flyer link to view more information for the many opportunities available.


A Message from Lanterman’s New Executive Director Melinda Sullivan

I’m honored to have been selected by the board of directors as Lanterman Regional Center’s next executive director. I’ve worked closely with Diane Anand for nearly two decades and am looking forward to this opportunity to continue to nurture the strong Lanterman culture and core values that were fostered under her leadership and guidance.
I look forward to continuing to build on and developing the collaborative working relationship that exists between our clients, families, service providers and staff in this new capacity. We at the Center are working together to achieve a seamless transition. I will be reaching out to many of the Center’s partners. I plan on visiting families through support groups, as well as outreach to the service provider community. Communication is the cornerstone of collaboration, and these in-person meetings will play an important role in setting the priorities for this next year.
I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the staff at Lanterman. The Center has a highly competent and talented executive and leadership team that embodies the Lanterman values and service commitment. Our direct and support staff are truly the forward face of this organization and it is their hard work and dedication to Lanterman clients and families that enables us as an organization and community to work towards achieving our vision of “a world where every person is respected and embraced.”

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A Letter from Larry DeBoer, President and Chairman of the Board of Lanterman Regional Center

Many of you may have heard that after nearly four decades as Lanterman Regional Center’s executive director, Diane Anand is retiring this June. During this time she led the Center through periods of significant growth and also safely guided the Center through periods of recession, including significant fiscal and legislative challenges. I hope you will join me in expressing our gratitude for the singular effort Diane has brought to not only our regional center, but the service system as a whole.
The highest priority for Lanterman’s board of directors has been to ensure that the Center is well situated and prepared for a smooth transition of leadership. The board has been engaged in succession planning for well over a year, reviewing all aspects of how Lanterman operates and conducts business, and for the past six months in the selection of the Center’s next executive director.
With that said, it gives me great pleasure to share with you that the board has selected Melinda Sullivan as the Center’s new executive director. Melinda has been at Lanterman for 27 years working in a number of capacities, including as a regional manager, director of Community Services and most recently as associate director of Client and Family Services, a position she has served in for the past 17 years. Melinda truly exemplifies the Lanterman core values, and has the skills, knowledge, character and experience that the board was looking for in the Center’s next leader. Widely known and respected within the developmental services system, we believe that Melinda is the right choice to lead the Center now and into the future.
The board of directors looks forward to working with Melinda during this transition as we all continue to work towards our mission of creating a community where people with developmental disabilities live purposeful lives as active members of their communities.

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