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Come Read “Flippy Goes on a Road Tripp” at KYRC Storytime on May 6

Join the Koch-Young Resource Center for a storytime reading of "Flippy Goes on a Road Trippy " on Wednesday, March 6, 2015 from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the KYRC Library. Following the reading there will be a book signing and the first 20 children will receive a copy of the book and Flippy.

Register online by May 4, 2015 to reserve your spot.

For questions, more information and to register, contact 213.252.5600 or


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Mark Your Calendars for the Special Olympics Southern California 2015 Summer Games

The Special Olympics Southern California 2015 Summer Games are coming to California State University, Long Beach on June 13 and 14. The games are free and open to the public and competitions include aquatics, athletics, basketball, bocce, golf and gymnastics. Learn more at and come out and show your support for more than 1,100 athletes from all over Southern California.


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Uniform Holiday Schedule and Half-Day Billing Requirements No Longer In Effect

On February 13, 2015, a federal court issued a ruling that the Uniform Holiday Schedule and Half-Day Billing requirements put into effect in 2009 could not be enforced until such time as the state had obtained approval for the requirements from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Essentially, the Court said the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) cannot implement Uniform Holiday Closures without prior approval from CMS, so they are no longer in effect. What this means for regional center clients and families is that programs and transportation services that were impacted by these closures MAY provide services on March 31 (what was to be the next Uniform Holiday Closure date), and on all other future UHC dates. Families should, however, confirm with the program that they will be open that day.

The Court also said that DDS cannot implement half-day billing requirements for day programs without prior approval from CMS, so this is no longer in effect as well. This applies to Activity Centers, Adult Development Centers, Behavior Management Programs and other look-alike day programs.


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The Time Has Come - Let Your Voices Be Heard, Show Your Support for a 10% Funding Increase

The time has come - get informed and then let your voices be heard and show your support for a 10% funding increase for the developmental services system - before it's too late.

Get Informed - Read ARCA's Report and Senator Beall's New Letter
ARCA has released its newest report, titled On The Brink Of Collapse, meant to provide policy-makers, advocates, and the citizens of California an understanding of the crisis engulfing our state’s developmental services system.

ARCA hopes this report will increase your understanding of the fiscal challenges California’s developmental services system faces in fulfilling its promise to individuals and their families and the urgent need for both short and long-term Budget solutions, which ARCA and the other Lanterman Coalition members support, to stabilize and advance the system.

On a separate front, Senator Beall has authored a second letter itemizing various harms done to the developmental services system, and specifically asking for the 10% POS/OPS increase. He is requesting that other legislators sign on. Read a copy of his letter and use it to inform your personal comments and testimony.

Take Action - Attend the March 4 Capitol Rally or E-mail Your Testimony for the Hearing
The Lanterman Coalition's members continue to push for funding reform to fix our developmental services system, but they need our help. If you can, join them at the State Capitol in Sacramento for a rally at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, March 4 or come testify and show your support for our system at a Budget hearing, in room 4202, at 1:30 p.m. that afternoon.

Now is the time to advocate for our system and your services. This is your first, and best chance to tell the Legislature why your service system needs a 10% increase now, and long-term funding reform.

Can't make it, but still want your voice to be heard? Please e-mail your personal, honest and respectful testimony and comments to "The Honorable Tony Thurmond," chair of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #1 on Health and Human Services. The email address is: And be sure to include your mailing address at the bottom to ensure your testimony can be properly accepted.

Read more about what you can do to take action in ARCA's latest newsletter.


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DDS SafetyNet ~ Don’t Get Measles - Get Vaccinated

California is having a measles outbreak. You can protect yourself and others from measles by getting vaccinated. 

What Is Measles?
Measles is a disease that you can catch from other people. It can cause cold-like symptoms, fever, and a skin rash. It can make you really sick. Measles: What You Need to Know

How Do You Prevent Measles?
There is a shot, also called a vaccine, that keeps you from getting measles. Children and adults should have a Measles Vaccine.

What Happens When You Get a Shot?  
Getting a measles shot is quick and easy. Learn what to expect by reading Shots Can Keep You Healthy.

For more useful tips on vaccinations, visit the DDS SafetyNet.


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DDS SafetyNet ~ Check Up on Your Preventive Health

The SafetyNet has brand new tips and tools to help you be prepared for your annual checkup, preventive health screenings, and vaccinations to help you stay healthy. Tips to read before your checkup:

Tools to Complete for Your Checkup:

For more information on annual checkups, health screenings, and more, visit the DDS SafetyNet.


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Governor Releases Proposed Budget for 2015-16; Does Not Address Need for 10% Funding Increase

Governor Brown has presented the proposed Governor’s Budget for fiscal year 2015-16. The priorities he outlined included maintaining a balanced budget and rainy day fund to protect against future recessions, and paying down debt. He noted that to accomplish this, the Governor’s Budget for next year is “basically flat” with modest increases in some areas.


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DDS SafetyNet ~ Stay Healthy This Winter

It's a new year, and a new you. Keep yourself healthy during winter flu season. Watch these videos to learn what you can do to stay healthy. 

Get a Flu Shot
Getting a flu shot can help protect you from the flu. Watch the video below to hear from self-advocates who got their flu shot. The video also includes more tips on how to stay healthy this winter.

Wash Your Hands
Wash away germs on your hands that can make you sick. Learn the best way to wash your hands by watching this video.

More on Staying Healthy
There are many tips on how to stay healthy this winter. Use this neat poster to remind you of these tips. Click here for a copy you can print. Don't forget to share it with your supporters and your friends.

For more tips on staying healthy, visit the DDS SafetyNet.


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CDCAN State Capitol Update: Self-Determination Progrmam Funding Proposal Submitted to Fed. Gov’t

CDCAN State Capitol Update: "Self Determination Program" Funding Proposal Submitted To Federal Government Last Week by Department of Developmental Services - Major Step Toward Implementation in California

SACRAMENTO, CA [CDCAN LAST UPDATED 01/08/2015 – 09:00 AM] – A new program that is meant to give eligible persons with developmental disabilities in California more flexibility, control, and choices on their services and supports called “self determination” moved a major step forward toward implementation with the submission of a funding proposal to the federal government by the Brown Administration last week on December 31st.  The State law that authorizes the Self Determination Program requires approval of matching federal funds in order to be implemented in California.

While the submission of the proposal to the federal government is a significant step, the normal review process could take several months or even longer before expected approval is given by the federal government and actual implementation of the program can begin in the State.

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Petition the State House and Senate to Support the Developmental Disabilities Community

The developmental disabilities community needs help now. During the past ten years this system has endured over 50 cost cutting changes to the Lanterman Act, elimination of services, and reductions to a rate system that was already frozen. This major divestment from a once robust and comprehensive community system of coordinated care, supports, and services has resulted in a fragile system that has begun the collapse many have warned about for years.

The Lanterman Coalition, consisting of the 19 statewide organizations of the California Developmental Services system, has urged the Brown administration to stop the current state of collapse of our system with a 10% reinvestment and Senator Jim Beall and others have writtten a letter in support of repairing the IDD system with ongoing support. 

Please support the Lanterman Coalition's 10 Campaign and join your colleagues in supporting Senator Beall's sign on letter.


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Obama Signs ABLE Act Into Law

On December 21, 2014, President Obama enacted the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE) which will allow tax-free savings accounts to help individuals and families cover lifetime disability expenses. ABLE will allow individuals will disabilities to protect or qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid by eliminating a $2,000 cap that now applies to conventional savings accounts.


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Lanterman Families Help First Year Students at UCLA School of Law Gain Valuable Hands-On Experience

Earlier this year, UCLA School of Law reached out to Meredith Goetz who oversees the Lanterman Special Education Law Clinic, to see if Lanterman would be interested in participating in a month-long trial program that would provide first year law students (LS1s) the opportunity for some time-limited field work. Students would practice interviewing clients and writing summary memos that would be used to help develop the client's case.

The Lanterman Law Clinic approached the 80 or so families they are currently working with and received an outpouring of support for this pilot, so every Friday in the month of October, the first year law students practiced their interview skills with Lanterman families.

“We are grateful to the Law Clinic for all the hard work and care they give to us. Without them, we wouldn’t get the school to listen to us. Thank you. We keep looking forward to working with them," share parents Maria Barrera and Jessi Escalante.

Melinda Sullivan, executive director adds: "This was a win-win, in the process of interviewing Lanterman families, the LS1s were exposed to special education issues and introduced to the field of special education law, gained hands-on practice writing summary memos of the legal issues and assisted the Clinic in their work helping families with the school district." 

Whether this model meets the needs of the UCLA School of Law to provide field work to first year students going forward, one thing can be said for certain, it did leave an impression on one first year law student - Ethan Feng. He says, “It was wonderful to see how your organization can help children and young adults with special needs.”

If you would like more information about the Lanterman Special Education Law Clinic, contact your service coordinator.

Pictured from left to right: Law student Ethan Feng and parents Jessi Escalante and Maria Barrera and Below: A thank you card from UCLA Law School students that participated in the pilot program interviewing parents about their special education concerns.

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New Rules for IHSS Regarding Overtime and Related Changes Coming in the New Year

On January, 1, 2015, new federal rules and state laws take effect regarding overtime and related changes. Check out this informative publication from Disability Rights California called "New Rules for IHSS: Overtime and Related Changes" for everything you need to know.

Learn More About the Lanterman Coalition’s Ten4Ten Campaign

Check out the Lanterman Coalition's Ten4Ten campaign that suggests ten things clients, families, service providers and others can do to advocate for a 10% increase to stop the current collapse of the community based service system for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Area Board 10 Gets a New Name in the New Year

A new year brings a new name for Area Board 10... Assembly Bill 1595 goes into effect January 1, 2015 and it contains some changes to the structure of the Area Boards. For the past 12 years, Area Boards have been constituted as regional offices of the California State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD). With the passage of AB 1595, the term “Area Board” will be eliminated to better clarify that the offices are regional offices of the State Council. This will bring the California Council into alignment with the federal law that governs their operations. They intend to continue transmitting the same informative monthly newsletter with a new byline. And, their office remains committed to serving the needs of the Los Angeles developmental disability community. See more online at

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DDS SafetyNet ~ Be Smart: Manage Your Money

Having your own money means you can choose how to spend it. Sometimes, we spend more than we mean to. Learn how to make smarter spending choices. Below are a few easy tips for managing your money. Share them with your supporter, or someone you support.

  • Make a Budget
  • Consider: Needs vs. Want
  • Think, Plan, Do
  • A Tip for the Holidays: Save money and give homemade gifts

For more useful tips on managing your money, read the DDS SafetyNet e-mail at or visit the DDS SafetyNet Web site at

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Hearing Held to Determine Impact from Funding Reductions, First Steps Towards Sustainability

Hearing Held to Determine Extent of Impact from Funding Reductions on Community Services for People with Developmental Disabilities, and First Steps Towards a Sustainable Future for the System

It’s been said in the past that the regional centers are at the hub of the community service system, they connect all of the various spokes together in a central place by coordinating the services and supports that children and adults with developmental disabilities rely on to be active, productive and contributing members in their communities. The spokes, if you will, are made up of the service providers, families and other community organizations that provide the services and supports directly to regional center clients. Together they formed a well-honed wheel. For many years this system worked reasonably well despite the challenges of chronic underfunding.

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October ~ PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Month

The End of Bullying Begins with Me is the message to remember during PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Month in October. It’s a time when communities unite nationwide to raise awareness of bullying prevention through events, activities, outreach, and education. PACER created the campaign in 2006 with a one-week event which has now evolved into a month-long effort to encourage everyone to take an active role in the bullying prevention movement. PACER offers a variety of resources to use year-round, but especially during October, to inspire, educate, and inform. Check out the many events and activities, and make plans to join the movement and take action where you live.


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