Partners in Lifelong Support Since 1966

Executive Offices Unit

Lanterman Regional Center is a non-profit corporation that operates under contract with the state of California to provide lifelong services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. The Center is governed by a volunteer board of directors that includes adult clients, parents and other community members that provides the overall direction for the Regional Center.

The Executive unit supports the board of directors and its committees in

  • setting policy,
  • determining strategic initiatives,
  • meeting the requirements of all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, and
  • in fulfilling the Center’s contract with the Department of Developmental Services

The executive director is charged with implementing the direction set forth by the board and works closely with the Center’s leadership council that is comprised of executive and management staff and represents every unit at the Center.

Together this team works to create a climate of accountability and an environment that promotes quality, innovation and cost-effectiveness both within the Center and the Center’s network of community service providers.

The Executive unit also coordinates a variety of special projects.