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SHASTA: Sexual Health and Safety for Teens and Adults

Please note, until further notice: Sexuality Health and Safety Training for Teens and young Adults (SHASTA) has been suspended. The Parent Sexuality Education and Support training however is still available.

The Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles “SHASTA” program is a sexuality and socialization training program specifically designed for adolescents with developmental disabilities between the ages of 13 and 19.

It is based on 20 years of professional experience and a review of best practices in the field of sexuality education for people with developmental disabilities. Each session will accommodate 10 to 20 clients and will run once weekly for six weeks.

The first session is an orientation for parents designed to provide them with information on the content of the training and ways they can support the goals of the program with their children.The training will include topics such as:

  • anatomy,
  • puberty and hygiene,
  • feelings,
  • behavior and rules,
  • friendships and relationships,
  • sexual decisions making
  • and health and safety.

Each training is customized to the needs and level of understanding of the participants. Classes are dependent on enrollment of an eight person minimum.

For more information about this training call Melissa Mills, PPLA at 323.751.7505 or view the flyer.

Contact your service coordinator if you are interested in registering.

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