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New Paths

Together with six to 10 other parents and a specially-trained counseling professional, you will address specific issues faced by families on this unique journey. It is a place to do something just for you. It is a beginning place to realize that hope and loss can co-exist.

Topics focused on include your family, your story; the role of defense mechanisms; missed milestones; impact on relationships; social milestones missed as a family system; and reframing life as you know it.

Sharing with others that are on the same path helps participants learn that their feelings are common and natural.

Hathaway Child and Family Services will be providing New Paths for parents of children and adults in Pasadena (Pathways Beyond Grief is for the Los Angeles area).

The age groups are the following: birth to 5 years, 6 to 11 years, 12 to 22 years. T

The first group will begin Tuesday, May 15 in English and Spanish groups will begin Wednesday, June 13. Hathaway will be providing groups on an ongoing basis every Tuesday in English and Wednesday in Spanish.

Contact your service coordinator if you are interested in registering for this group.