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The dollars allocated to funding for regional center services come from the California State Budget. The following articles and links provide an overview of adopted budgets and updates to budget developments when available.

Lanterman’s Position

Lanterman’s current position is detailed in the paper, “Sustaining the Entitlement for the Developmental Services: A Regional Center Perspective,” which was originally published in 2003, and has since been updated several times with the current version approved by the Lanterman board in December 2010. Before reading the paper, please read a letter from Larry DeBoer, Lanterman’s board president and chair of the board of directors, which provides a history and explanation of the paper.

California Disability Community Action Network (CDCAN) Alerts and Reports

This network provides updates direct from Sacramento on many aspects of our service system, including budget and legislative issues. This information can be accessed on the CDCAN Web site at

Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA)

The statewide Association of the 21 regional centers provides a wide range of information about the centers, including budgetary and advocacy efforts. Information is available on the ARCA Web site at


Information posted in this category will relate to the actual budget, the budget trailer bill and budget act, as well as communications released from the governor’s office, the Senate, the Assembly and the Department of Developmental Services.

Department of Developmental Services (DDS)

Visit for all budget-related news from DDS.

Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO)

The LAO is an arm of the Legislature that impartially reviews and assesses the impact of proposed legislation and budgets. Visit for all budget-related news from the LAO.

Governor’s Office

Visit for all budget-related material from the governor’s office.