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Ray Lemus

Vice President

Ray Lemus Brings Contract Management and Auditing Expertise to the Board

Every year, Lanterman Regional Center undergoes a detailed audit of everything from the Center's financial records and accounting practices all the way down to the digital camera and the furniture in the lobby. It's a time consuming and very involved process that ultimately reflects how Lanterman does business on a daily basis, as well as on the Center's policies, processes and procedures. As a member of Lanterman's board of directors, Ray Lemus brings over six years of leadership experience managing the Acquisition Planning and Compliance section, and more recently the Contract Management Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

“I was looking for an opportunity where I could share my business skills and make a contribution to a worthwhile organization that had a direct impact on individuals, families and our community,” shares Lemus. “Karen Ingram spoke with me about the great work that Lanterman Regional Center does and informed me of an opportunity to serve on the board, which has definitely provided me the opportunities I was looking for.”

Lemus leverages his expertise with contract management and his compliance background to help JPL interpret the NASA Prime Contract. This is a multi-billion dollar contract between Caltech and NASA that establishes JPL as a federally-funded research and development center. In his current role at the Contract Management Office, he represents JPL to NASA on all issues related to the Prime Contract. In addition, he manages JPL's Audit Liaison group, which is responsible for closure of all internal and external JPL audits, including Caltech's Internal Audits, the Defense Contract Audit Agency, the NASA Inspector General and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Some of his recent accomplishments include significant change management initiatives based on 360 degree customer feedback and industry benchmarking to realign organizational objectives. The 360 degree customer feedback resulted in the complete rewrite of the procurement procedures for JPL, creating a compliance system based on published criteria and metrics, in addition to 50 e-learning modules to accelerate the learning experience of new hires and refresh training for the existing workforce on procurement requirements.

Prior to assuming a manager role at JPL, Lemus worked for JPL as a subcontract manager specialist for the acquisition of satellite systems. He also has past experience at Techstar, Inc.; TRW, Inc.; and as an engineer for Chevron USA. Lemus' educational background includes a master's in business administration with a concentration in finance from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Lemus also has a certificate from UCLA in government contract and proposal management. He is a linguist at heart and is fluent in French, Italian and Spanish, as well as knowledgeable in German and Latin. Lemus spends his spare time maintaining his language skills through travel, conversation, literature and music. He also enjoys working out to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lemus adds, “I'm hoping to bring two elements to Lanterman while serving as a board member - enthusiasm and diversity of opinion and outlook.”