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Marjorie Heller Photo

Marjorie Heller

Marjorie Heller first became involved with the Regional Center when her late daughter Vicki was part of the Early Intervention program here at Lanterman. With the support of Lanterman, Heller learned how to be a good advocate for her daughter and how to collaborate with other parents and with staff at Lanterman.

Heller is an active member of the Lanterman Board, the Administrative Committee and the Programs and Services Committee. This makes great sense since, according to Heller, “constantly improving the quality of services to our clients and their parents is always my primary goal. I know we can achieve a great deal if everyone in the Lanterman community participates in the Regional Center and becomes an active advocate at all levels.”

Heller encourages parents to get involved with school and community activities, and to contact legislators about bills in progress that will affect services and programs for our clients. “Parents and clients must take an ownership interest in the system which is meant to serve them,” she emphasizes.