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Larry DeBoer's Insurance and Risk Management Experience Helps Lanterman Stay Above Par

As with many human services organizations, Lanterman Regional Center is mission-driven, rather than profit-driven, but our situation is special, because even though we don't have assets as defined in the narrowest sense of the word, the Center is accountable for a $100 million plus budget. With an operating budget of this size, insurance and risk management play a vital role.

Risk management is a discipline for dealing with uncertainty, and every non-profit faces uncertainty and risk. From uncertainty about program outcomes and the organization's ability to ensure client safety to the increasing threat of litigation and protecting staff, managing a range of risks is required for both survival and success. Risk management helps identify, assess and manage risks that may be present in operations, service delivery, staffing and governance activities.

Recently, Larry DeBoer, who has 32 years of experience in insurance and risk management, 11 years with a national insurance company and the balance with global broker Aon, joined Lanterman Regional Center's board of directors.

Aon is the second largest global insurance and risk management and insurance brokerage firm employing 44,000 people around the world. The Southern California offices are the second largest operation in Aon Risk Services' stateside operations and the largest firm of its kind in Southern California, in terms of revenue. DeBoer is the chief administrative officer for the Southern California operations.

DeBoer holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and marketing from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, and a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriting (CPCU) designation. He and his wife, Linda, have two grown daughters. DeBoer enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, reading and travel. He is also a member of LA 5 Rotary Club; a board member for the California Insurance Council for The City of Hope; and is currently chairman of the board for the Insurance Educational Association, a leader in professional education since 1876.

DeBoer shares, “While I was aware of the name Frank Lanterman, I had no idea what the Regional Center did, or of the important role the Center plays for people with disabilities in the Los Angeles basin. As a member of the Los Angeles Rotary Club, I had exposure to other organizations that focused on people with disabilities and did some peripheral volunteer work. That, coupled with getting to know Marjorie Heller, a past Lanterman board member, piqued my interest and here I am. In fact, it was Marjorie who asked me to consider joining the board.”

“I hope to lend my energy, intellect and experience to help the board meet the leadership challenges it faces in 2005 and beyond. I would like to play a role, however small, in expanding the diversity of our community by enhancing the opportunities for people with disabilities to enable them to contribute to the full extent of their talents and abilities,” adds DeBoer.