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Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services division provides the support to operate the Regional Center and its direct services, including

  • the control and management of thousands of claims for services purchased on behalf of clients and families;
  • facilities management , and
  • client revenue and money management services.

The division also coordinates

  • a centerwide disaster preparedness plan,
  • manages the Center’s central data processing system and network of personal computers , including
  • in-house repairs,
  • training and
  • a help desk for computer users.


The Accounting unit is responsible for:

  • purchase of services payments ,
  • operations payments,
  • banking ,
  • budget forecasting,
  • payroll preparation, and
  • cash management.   

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) unit is responsible for managing and supporting computer operations at the Center. The unit:

  • manages and maintains computer hardware , such as the mid-range state system, as well as setup and repair of personal computers,and
  • manages and maintains the Center’s network that links and shares computer resources like e-mail, printing, file-storage, etc., and
  • provides software support to all the Center’s end-users.

Fiscal Monitoring

The fiscal monitor :

  • coordinates all contracts entered into by the Regional Center;
  • performs audits of both service provider costs and staffing;
  • reviews and audits the management of client personal and incidental funds by residential facilities; and
  • coordinates the Family Cost Participation Program (FCPP), wherein some families are assessed a share of cost for certain services for their minor children. 

Operations Management

Operations Management is responsible for all facilities management issues and relations with the landlord, and is involved in space planning when a move is complicated or in the planning stages. They also coordinate:

  • reception
  • telecommunications , including switchboard coverage
  • parking
  • ordering office supplies ,
  • mail distribution,
  • record storage
  • equipment and furniture .

The unit also manages the Center’s disaster plan .  

Client Revenue Management

This unit:

  • manages client benefit funds for approximately 1,150 clients for whom the Center acts as representative payee,
  • provides money management services for a select number of clients who live independently,
  • processes initial applications and re-determinations for Social Security benefits, and applications for other public benefits .